Life Coaching

Everyone handles life’s challenges differently and you can use coaching as a way to address those challenges.

Coaching offers three advantages:

  1. Provides you with an objective listener who can provide you with feedback and help you develop a plan to meet your goals.
  2. Keeps you focused on addressing the current issues that create trouble in your life whether those concerns are about relationships or personal struggles.
  3. Helps you overcome fears and inertia to get done the things that will help you be successful.

Coaching is a process that looks at the here and now, not by digging up past hurts, but by focusing on today and making plans for your future. I use a process called Appreciative Inquiry, which allows us to identify your innermost dreams and fears.

What happens during a Coaching Session:

  1. You set the agenda and we discuss issues, concerns, aspirations, and objectives.
  2. We develop a plan of action or items for discovery.
  3. Together we ensure you are making the progress that you want to make toward your goals and aspirations.

As your coach, I act as a listener, cheerleader, confidant, and a sympathetic ear to help you make the decisions you need to make to be successful. All of the things that we discuss are kept in strictest confidence. At the end of our coaching relationship you will have the skills and direction that you need to continue moving forward.