Career Coaching

We spend 50% of our waking hours at a job working. That is half of our time focused on paid employment. Many careers require more than 50% so it behooves us to like what we do. Ad a result, it is important to be satisfied and fulfilled with our work life.

Our careers often bring fulfillment and purpose to our lives, but sometimes people struggle at work or feel stuck in their jobs. Coaching can help you with five important aspects of managing your career.

  1. Develop strategies to improve your performance and get ahead in your current career.
  2. Develop the skills needed to address the difficult challenges you face in your work and career.
  3. Determine whether you want to make a change in your career and, if so, how do you make that happen. Through coaching you can make the necessary decisions and develop an action plan to make that change.
  4. If you want to transition to a different career, coaching can help you make the choices and changes you need to make for a successful transition.
  5. Dealing with difficult situations and challenging people can place a burden on your work satisfaction. Coaching can help you deal with those situations by developing strategies and actions you can take to come out of the situation in a productive and proactively.

Dealing with difficult people and relationships at work can sour anyone’s work day! Coaching sessions can help you develop appropriate boundaries, address unpleasant situations or relationships.

Once your career plan or set of actions is in place we will work to hold you accountable and to discuss concerns as they arise as you implement your plan. Finally, when we have completed the coaching relationship you will have activated new ways of handling these situations.