DPS Executive Coaching

Delivering Excellent Service for DPS Leadership Development


  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Team Development
  • Shared/Distributed Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement Process

In Via Coaching and Consulting put together a diverse team to represent the best practices of education, business, and government. This Team understands the importance of Denver Plan 2020 and the Denver Public School (DPS) leadership in enacting that plan. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and our team brings ideas that could help to spark the innovation necessary to make the Goals of the Denver Plan 2020 a reality.

In Via Coaching and Consulting, LLC grew out of a passion to help grow and deliver professionals who can meet the complex challenges of today’s work environment.  With over 50 years of combined experience in education, as well as the knowledge and skills gleaned from the business sector, our team provides a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to Executive Coaching.  We bring our real life experiences from both sides of the desk to the coaching process.

Our team adheres to evidence-based coaching principles, which include research-based methods and knowledge, the context of the client, the needs of the organization, and the advanced coaching skills of the coach.  We consider Executive Coaching to be a three-way partnership between the coach, the leader, and Denver Public Schools.

Our team meets the highest standards for professionalism outlined in the International Coaching Federation’s 11 core competencies. Our coaches emphaside  eight of these core competencies in every coaching conversation.  Each of these eight competencies is present in varying intensity in all phases of the coaching process. The eight core capabilities attributable to our results-driven model include:

  • Emphasis on building a trusting relationship
  • Client-centered flexibility
  • Deep listening
  • Creative questioning
  • Clear communication
  • Giving effective, actionable feedback
  • Clear, precise goal setting
  • A laser-like focus on outcomes and lessons learned

Each coaching relationship is tailored to the needs of the leader and aligned with the larger goals of the district as outlined in the LEAD Growth and Performance System documents.  The focus of the LEAD Growth and Performance System is to “grow great leaders through a continuous improvement process”. Our team supports that goal by coaching leaders to create a deeper understanding of their strength areas, to identify growth areas, and to explore new ways of thinking and doing.