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Be successful and lead a full and balanced life. Coaching offers you the opportunity to reach your dreams, live your authentic life, and develop resilience. The coaching process looks forward not backward. Together we will identify your goals and what you want to accomplish. Through the process we will determine the best strategies for you to meet those goals.

Coaching looks at where you are and where you want to go. Topics for coaching include work/life balance, developing resilience, life transitions, strategies for reaching your work goals, dealing with difficult people, work relationships, work conflicts, and others that you bring to the coaching sessions.


Invia Consulting

Make the choice to take a chance to make a change for your best life.

Why Coaching?

  • Make choices that help you make the changes you want in your life
  • Determine your path to success
  • Make changes that influence your outcomes
  • Live your Authentic Life!

Living your authentic life takes courage and consideration. A coach can help you take control of your life to become your authentic self. Hire me as your coach to help you find your best path to meet your goals.

Consulting Services and Seminars/ Workshops

Team Building, Understanding Organizational Conflict, Appreciative Inquiry in Learning Organizations, and Understanding Communications in the Organizational Setting.

I’ve worked for over 40 years in for profit and non-profit organizations in communications and management positions. I’ve lead and successfully multidimensional teams with successful financial results. These teams came together and produced deliverables that won billions of dollars of work for the company. These teams found that creative conflict allowed for the best solution and a deliverable that communicated the best the organization had to offer.


BA University of Arkansas
MA University of Kansas


Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach
Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)
Organizational Development Certification – Fielding Graduate University

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Latest News

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You can contact us at 303-885-5114 or using the form below.